Open Source and Small Businesses

Well, well, well. Here are some real surprises from some genuinely credible data-mining.

Tim O’Reilly and Hari Ravichandran of Endurance International Group (EIG) managed to pull out big-data statistics from a massive sample of ISP clients.  The authors combine these measures with intelligent knowledge of market size, trends and a couple of other pieces. They tell a good story of open source and its role in the economy.

The book is “Economic Impact of Open Source on Small Business: A Case Study” by Mike Hendrickson, Roger Magoulas and Tim O’Reilly.

I bet you want some ideas for yourself? I imagine more potential readers are looking for opportunity rather than for overall market understanding. There are some convincing claims in this book that could benefit many of us:


  • Which CMS is likely to be the most cost-effective?
  • Which programming languages really matter in the present market?
  • What kinds of business can make money from free content?

This is a small publication: read it and throw it away because fast-moving data like this needs to be consumed fresh. You will learn the answers to questions like the above. The book is well worth buying if you are about to set out on a new commercial venture. It is also a valuable signpost through the many technical options in ebusiness. And a sobering counter, in a surprising way, to over-engineers.

Available at O’Reilly



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