Architecting Mobile Solutions for the Enterprise, by Dino Esposito

Cover shotIt is spring 2012.

  • The telecomm companies are offering data plans that have hammered their call and sms revenues
  • Microsoft are open-sourcing many of the development tools that traditionally delivered their licence revenues
  • iTunes and App stores have brought the supply-to-demand balance to the point where nearly every app is free
  • The public in many countries have deserted websites for mobile completely, and none more so than in the developing economies.

The tipping point is reached.

Now we need to revisit all our enterprise solutions, and anyone with a serious corporate or personal investment in legacy architecture frameworks needs to think hard about the future.

Dino Esposito is one of these people ( he comes from a Microsoft .Net background ) and he has written ‘Architecting Mobile Solutions for the Enterprise’ from real-world experience and with an eye on all our futures.

The first 2 parts of the book cover mobile strategy and architecture. Familiar issues for those of us who are already following the path of migrating mature enterprises to mobile. Dino helpfully recognises that readers will be at different places on the path and suggests a few ways to navigate both his book, and the present architecture of the mobile scene.

Then the third and final part of the book moves from general architectural discussions to specific code examples; and here it really shines. Dino has either taught himself or worked with others who can code in all the major platforms. This is really impressive: full of patterns and tips and gotchas that really help you see the challenges you will face with the present fragmented mobile architecture.

Nice work, and truly educational. Covers mainly Apple, Microsoft and Android. Not much on Blackberry RIM or the other minor players, but at the moment those three cover most of the growth in mobile.

It is truely unusual to see .Net, Silverlight, Objective-C, Android SDK, Monotouch, PhoneGap, HTML5, jQuery mobile covered to such a degree in one place.

If you are unaware of how to architect mobile solutions for the enterprise ( perhaps too busy maintaining legacy enterprise solutions? ) then this book is a must-read for you.

If you can work in one platform but uncertain how to cover the others, this book is a must-read for you.

If you think you can port to mobile just by putting an ‘m.’ in front of your web pages, you also need this book.

My favorite mobile interaction pattern from the book: ‘Guess-Dont-Ask’.

My favorite Dino Esposito quote: “You might want to have a line similar to the following on top of all your
JavaScript files: var GLOBALS = GLOBALS || {};”. Poetry.

Read it while it lasts; some of these architectures are looking very fluid and lets all hope that the solutions will have advanced enough for the 2013 edition to cover a more evolved landscape.


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