Monthly Archives: October 2011

Customer email relationship management – how to do it right

Over last week-end I received one email after another from a trade fair, tempting me to sign up.

The first one was useful. The second was deleted. The third was annoying. The fourth and subsequent one signalled that something had gone wrong at their end. That just leaves most people neutral nowadays, we all receive too much traffic to overly care.

But then the master stroke: a further, different looking email to signal the problem was fixed and they apologised. I liked it. I am staying signed up to them.

It went like this:

Something went wrong!

Our sincere apologies to all those who have received so many mailings about our fair . . .  over last night and this morning.

As you may have gathered we had a technical problem that meant the messages were sent repeatedly. It was an honest mistake and was not our intention to pester you with email. We hope you won’t hold it against us.

We understand that you wish to make sure that this can’t happen again. So to all those who have requested that we remove your address, this is a notice to say that we have now done so. For those others who wish to unsubscribe, simply reply to this email with the message “UNSUBSCRIBE” and we will take care of that straight away.

Kind Regards,
The . . .  Team